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Tired of putting out website fires when you should be wooing clients?
Ready to have a website you can be proud of, but no time to learn to build one?
Hi, I’m Jennifer Weiner. I am so glad you found me. As an introverted extrovert, meeting people online is my jam. That’s why I say I was social distancing before it became the “it” thing to do.
I also hit the online biz thing before the virus that shall not be named shut everything down.
Long story as to why, but the TL;DR is that I need to be able to work when I am able to.
Sometimes it’s “normal business hours”. Sometimes it’s 2 AM on a Sunday.
No matter if it was that crazy virus that brought you into your own business, a need to only answer to yourself, or something else entirely…
I am guessing you’ve reached a point where you feel the need to add a website to your online presence or are so frustrated with the one you have you’d like to set it on fire.
 You know it will add to your online credibility and help position you as an expert. Buuuuut…
Your plate is already overflowing with things to do. 
Social media posts. 
Engaging in the DMs.
Family time. 
Making meals. 
Shopping for those meals. 
Caring for fur babies.
It just doesn’t end, does it?
When are you going to find the time to learn how to make a website?
Where are you going to find time to fix it if it goes down….
or even more fun….
starts looking like a reject from the 90s?
Taking all these WordPress issues off your already crazy to-do list is also my jam.
Sure Wix or Squarespace might be an easy solution but lemme tell you a secret.
You don’t own your content.
You can’t just download it and take it with you somewhere else. Not even joking.
WordPress means you own your content.
And all three website solutions will have a learning curve. This is where I come in, girl. 
You can:
Pick my brain as a DIYer
Hop on the waitlist for my upcoming course
Grab a VIP Lite Day
Go all out with the VIP Full
No matter which you need, you’ll have me in your back pocket for those snags in the learning curve with WordPress.
And yep, I even manage sites that are already live and kicking.
I’ve been there, tearing my hair out trying to do  Just! One! Simple! Thing! Dammit!
You don’t have to be.
I would love to support you in your journey to bring your website to life.
You can read more about how I can help you here or we can chat over a coffee on Zoom if you schedule an appointment here.
You are worthy, you are perfectly imperfect, and you are loved. Never doubt that, beautiful.