Hi. I'm Jennifer Weiner.

Full Stack Web Developer

Thanks for droppin' by. After 10 years of working with WordPress as a hobby, I started my business to help others have a beautiful website without going through the learning curve I had. I soon became frustrated with some of the things I couldn't do, even with a drag-and-drop editor.

I started looking at ways to learn how to really build a website, from scratch, with my own two hands. I saw an ad for Lambda School. After doing some research, I was all in. It's an amazing experience. You learn so much about coding. More importantly, you learn about yourself-- strengths and areas for growth.

As a developer, I am in love with HTML and CSS. Seeing what these simple languages can do still amazes me. React is fun but plain JavaScript is something I'm still working on learning to love.

If I'm not eyeballs deep in code, you'll find me playing with our 11 cats, helping my husband with some project or another, or playing an MMORPG.

If I can be of help or we have something in common, please connect with me on social or send me an email. I enjoy chatting with new people.

Owner Of Southern Hospitality Consulting

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