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Content Creation Got You Down? You Need To Read This Now

Content Creation can be a pain in the ass

However, creating fresh content on a regular basis is necessary as a business in today’s world. According to Bambu from Sprout Social, about 2/3 of the marketing funnel is navigated online, with at least 5 pieces of content being consumed before a decision is made. So, what does this mean for content creators and markers?

Regular Content Distribution Is Still Necessary

Yup, we’re stuck making content like crazy. But this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It doesn’t even have to be a struggle. How can we fix the struggle? I’m glad you asked. I actually have a quick fixes for you today. You’ll need both.

Pre-Fix Work

I see you rolling your eyes! Gimme a sec, okay! Every plan needs a good foundation. And you know this, maaaaan.

Key 1: Create A Schedule

The first key to any content creation strategy is to decide how often you will create content on each platform. Also, for the love of your sanity, don’t try to be everywhere! Pick 2 to 4 social media platforms and your blog. That’s it. Each piece of Facebook should be counted separately in my opinion as they have different strategies and need different content.

Now, decide how often you will post to each. I promise you don’t have to post every day to every platform. Want to see my post schedule? No problem!

Jennifer Weiner's General Content Marketing Post Schedule | Content Creation Tips

My General Content Marketing Posting Schedule

That’s just me….your post needs will vary based on your ideal customer, the platforms you choose, and your available time and energy.

Key 2: Batching Content

This is tough at first. Right now, I’m using three days to batch content and I’m still struggling a little. But it’s much better than before! I’m actually putting out content! It just tires me out a lot more than I like, however, I expect that to change as I adjust to the process.

Here’s my process at the moment. Your mileage may vary!

Jennifer Weiner's Content Batching Tips | Content Creation Tips


Key 3- Scheduling 

Posting on the fly all the time is a recipe for disaster. You’ll end up with an emergency or just plain forget if you get deep into your money making activities. Heck, if you’re like me, you might end up taking a siesta due to the heat or even a good meal!

Scheduling using an app can take a lot of stress and pressure off! It can also help with consistency so your fans know when to expect to see your next bit of wisdom and fun. Consistency is also how we build authority as well as know, like, and trust. We have to have all of that to sell or influence. Hang with me to the end and I’ll have a full list of my my favorite tools for every step of this!

Ready for the ninja tip to make the actual brainstorming and content making super easy? Drum roll, please!

Ninja Content Creation Hack: Theme Days

Don’t look at me in that tone of voice! I’m not talking about Taco Tuesday on your blog. Though you can totally do that on your Instagram or Facebook here and there. And we are going to plan out all your platforms. Let’s take a look at my schedule but put in my themes and hopefully this will connect for you!

Jennifer Weiner's Themed Posting Schedule | Content Creation Tips

My Posting Schedule by Themes

As you see, some of my themes are very broad. Some are laser focused. This what works for me. You’ll have to do some testing to see what works for you. Not sure what kinds of themes you can use? Let’s look at some ideas!

Theme Ideas

Jennifer Weiner's Content Creation Theme Ideas

There are probably a million ways you can theme your content days. These are just a few off the top of my head.

Tools To Make The Whole Content Batching Process Easier

I’m not going to sugar coat any of this. Easier, faster, more simple. It still sucks sometimes. However, we both know that as business owners, online marketing is a must these days. People want to read reviews and more before they buy. Here’s a list of tools that I’ve tried and liked that will make content batching, creating, and all of it just a little less sucky.

 NOTE: Links in this section may be affiliate or referral links. If you sign up for a paid version, trial version, or even free version, I may receive compensation of some sort at no additional cost to you. If you prefer I don’t get the additional compensation, feel free to Google the service to find a plain link. No hard feelings. I’ve also listed any perks you may receive by signing up through my link! 


  • Canva– For all your graphics needs, this is a powerhouse. You’ll look like a pro but it’s great for even novices. I highly recommend going for the pro subscription. Resize is a dream, the extra free photos and graphics are the bomb, and being able to add new fonts and save your brand colors and fonts makes everything even faster!


  • Tailwind – I’m currently using this to schedule to Pinterest and you can also add in Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I took advantage of a $30 credit promo to get a month of paid features for Instagram and Pinterest in the past and used another free month promo since I started over with a new Pinterest account. This link is a referral link that will get you a $15 credit for a free month of one of the platforms (it does require a debit or credit card) and into my content creators tribe for Pinterest. Tribes are unique to Tailwind and Help us promote each other on Pinterest without spamming Pinterest too fast (if that even matters?).
  • Later– This one isn’t just for Instagram anymore! I was shocked to see it also posts to Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. You get 30 posts to all but Twitter which gets 50 (on the free plan). For each referral you send both people get 10 extra posts per month. Not sure if it’s per platform or what, but still a cool referral program. It says you can earn up to 150 per month, so it’s also pretty generous.
  • Planoly– I’ve used this to schedule to Instagram as well. I haven’t used the paid plan as the free plan with 30 uploads a month works well for me.


  • All-Hashtags– Hashtag Research.
  • Display Purposes – More hashtag Research
  • Flick – Paid Hashtag Research Tool That Sunny Lennerduzzi Recommends. This link will give you 10% off if you continue after the 7-day trial. It does require a credit/debit card or that you link a PayPal account for the trial.
  • Keywordtool.io – Not just hashtag research. Keyword, Youtube and more. Free with paid options.
  • Keywords Everywhere – Extension for Chrome and Firefox. Great for Keyword Research. It’s not as free as it used to be, but you can still get some great info.

Organization and Communication

  • Trello – You create boards for projects, tracking, teams, whatever you can think of. Lists hold cards that have so many functions. You can get Trello Gold (up to 12 months at a time) by referring people like I’m doing you. You can pay for it. There are higher plans for business, but I don’t see most small businesses really needing all that. Trello Gold is just some extra perks, so read carefully before you pay for it.
  • Slack– This way to communicate is ah-maze-ing. It’s Facebook Messenger with integrations to make it way more effective for client and team communication. It’s free, works on desktop and mobile, and is way easier to navigate between conversations. Give it a try. You’ll be hooked. I’m doing awesome with the free version.
  • IFTTT– A way to make apps and software that don’t communicate with each other…well, communicate with each other.
  • Zapier– Basically, another way to makes apps communicate with each other when they normally don’t


So, we covered three keys to content creation success. A ninja strategy to make it less sucky. I also listed 13 tools to help with your batching, research and other content strategy and creation needs. That was a lot! Thanks for hanging with me to the end!

Over To You!

What did you find the most interesting or useful in this post? Drop me a comment, I’d love to hear from you!

<3 Jenn


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8 thoughts on “Content Creation Got You Down? You Need To Read This Now”

    1. I’m so glad this helped, Wendy. Having themed days for social media helps me more than I can express! Keep in mind, you can change those themes up once they get stale too! Thanks for stopping by

  1. I love the tips for getting your content created. I like the different styles of planning your writing schedule. I jump back and forth with my schedule still looking for the one that works best for me. I created a content calendar for my blog and I have been putting off creating one for my SM posts. The calendar makes it easier when it comes to limiting my writers block. I love that you showed that you spent a day on visual aspects of a post. That is one that I struggle to complete most of the time.

    1. Hey, Rosie. Make that content calendar for social. Social is what will help explode your blog traffic, especially Pinterest. Have you tried using Canva? They have great templates for inspiration when it comes to visuals. Also, look at what people in similar niches are doing for inspiration. If there’s any way I can help you with those visual components, please feel free to contact me! <3

  2. Wow. This post is awesome. I feel like this is exactly what I needed to read! The tips you have shared on topics and scheduling are absolutely fantastic! While it might not be exactly what I need, it is definitely enough to get me started on developing my own. Thank you so much for sharing!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Holley. Finding inspiration in what others do but making it your own is totally what I encourage! I’m so glad it helped. I’d love to hear where the inspiration took you 🙂

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