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Five Shocking Secrets To Entrepreneurial Success

Man shocked by the secrets to entrepreneurial success

We all wish there was a magic formula for instant success as an entrepreneur.

However, even the so-called overnight successes worked in the background for months and even years before “hitting the big time”. Vanessa Lau spent six months working on her biz after she quit her 9-to-5 corporate job. She spent a year doing research and planning before that. She’s now a 6-figure entrepreneur. I’m also a bit of a fangirl, in case you couldn’t tell.

All of the big names in whatever field you can think of didn’t make it without a lot of blood, sweat, tears and long nights. Just like there’s no crying in baseball, there’s no instant success in the business world.

Not even Gary Vee was a millionaire overnight.

So what’s a new entrepreneur to do?

It’s not really all that hard. Okay, it is kind of hard, but it’s also dead simple. Don’t believe me? Here’s the list!

Five Shocking Secrets To Entrepreneurial Success

  1. Have a plan
    Shockingly simple, right. However, too many of us (myself included) jump in and throw things at the wall to see what sticks. Don’t be like me. That’s way too hard. Instead, be like Vanessa! Do your research (yucky, I know!) so you can have a solid plan to hit the ground running. I mean seriously? I want to have a multiple six-figure launch, don’t you? But you also have to do the next step!
  2. Get Off Your Butt and Work That Plan
    Shockingly to the point, no? Just my style! Once we have the big plans, let’s break them down into yearly, quarterly, monthly –on down to daily goals with tasks and dates and all that good stuff. This is so not my forte! But I do know it works. Any suggestions on how to make this part work better for me and those like me?
  3. Surround Yourself with Like-Minded People
    Shockingly fun! It’s super hard getting friends and family to understand. Your best support system will come from other entrepreneurs in your local community. Facebook groups can also be a great source for finding biz besties. This tip is also shockingly short!
  4. Always Be Failing Foward!
    Just plain shocking! Did I say I want you to fail? Technically, I hope you’re always successful. Realistically, this is highly unlikely unless you never take any risks. No risks mean you’ll never be likely to have big gains or scale your business to more than maybe a comfortable living. I want more than that for you, and I hope you do too! So take those risks, Fail a few times, figure out why it failed and get back up. Without failure, we never learn. When we don’t learn, we don’t grow. Which brings me to my final secret!
  5. Always Be Learning
    Shockingly less than fun for some of us. Me, I love learning. It’s a passion for me, and I hope it becomes one for you. so you can be the leader that others in your industry turn to. It will also keep your mind fresh and active into a nice old age. The great news is there are many free ways to keep learning! My two favorites are the website edX and reading–use your local library and only buy those books that are truly timeless or moving.

Now I want to hear your thoughts!

What shocking secrets to entrepreneurial success do you know? I’d love to hear them in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by.


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Five shocking secrets to entrepreneurial success. Business man smiles


12 thoughts on “Five Shocking Secrets To Entrepreneurial Success”

  1. I think the biggest shock for me was learning how to set boundaries. As an entrepreneur, there is ALWAYS more to do, so setting boundaries for myself to create focused family time was something I had to learn to do!

    1. I’m still learning to set boundaries! It is completely shocking how much there is to do as a solopreneur! I think I need to take the 80/20 rule to heart and define those activities that will bring me the most forward momentum in my biz so I can focus my efforts better. Thank you for stopping by!

  2. I am a firm believer in planning. We recently remodeled an entire home and I prepared a detailed plan to include a timeline and estimated budget. To my surprise, my husband and I actually worked our plan and documented our progress against plan. Yes, we had surprises (fails) that we did not plan for, but in the end we are so please with the results. Catherine

    1. Hey, Catherine! Love that you documented the process so you can improve on the process the next time you need to do a similar project. Also a good practice as an entrepreneur. If we don’t document what we’re doing and how it turned out, we risk doing the same process even when it doesn’t work! I appreciate your insights.

  3. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people is more important that people realize. As you said, you will likely fail (at least once), and it’s easy to get discouraged. You have to be sure to have people in your corner motivating you so that it’s easier to press on, even when you don’t want to.

    1. Hi, Dr. Lewis
      Motivating yourself when it gets tough is so much harder without that cheering squad behind you. I’m so thankful for my husband and certain Facebook groups. SO many times I’ve doubted myself and my skills. But there’s always been someone there to give me the kick in the but I needed to get off that pity train and get moving in the right direction!

    1. Hi, Kendra

      This life is HARD but so worth it. There’s about a million hats one needs to wear until they are financially ready to outsource. Having that support from your peers is so crucial to not giving up for some of us. For others, it’s important for other reasons like brainstorming and networking.

  4. I’m a Vanessa Lau fan as well! Her stuff is GOLD! I’m actually a huge planner, and I love to write down goals for the day/month/quarter, but I always struggle with time management. I still work my corporate job, and I’m a mom to an 8 month old, so I try and make use of nap times in my days off and evenings after he goes to bed, but sometimes it’s hard! I just gotta keep reminding myself of WHY I’m doing these things! Great post!

    1. Hi, Megan
      Doing this as a side hustle while being a mother is harder than I can imagine! Be sure to have like-minded people in your crowd for the extra support it provides. There are a lot of mom-preneur groups on Facebook. Try one or two. It will help out more than you know. Also, join Vanessa’s Facebook group. Even if you aren’t a millennial, you’ll be welcomed. I was, and I’m 40 now.

  5. I think the biggest one is that it is okay to not have everything “in place” right away. We want to emulate our mentors, or the leaders of the industry, but we can’t do everything right out of the gate. There is a learning curve and starting with one thing is best. Then, we can continue to add to it.

    1. Hey, Bonnie! Nice to see you here! You are so right. It’s hard to succeed if you give up just before you get there! So many of us do just that. Even with the best mentors, coaches, and courses, you still have to work out what’s best for your biz. No two will be alike, even if they are both in the same niche! Thanks for a great tip <3

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