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WordPress Site Build Support

No matter if you already have a WordPress site or are just looking into getting started, I’ve got your back. When you find an option closest to what you are looking for, you can go to my contact page to send me your questions, click this link to send an email, or schedule a chat here. I am excited to find out how we can work together to make your sight magaickal!

WordPress DIY Support

Full WordPress Site Build

  • For those times when you’re just starting out. For when Google just isn’t helping.

    Pick Jenn’s Brain

    You can get a package of pick my brain sessions. You’ll have unlimited access to me via Voxxer for those quick questions. Then we’ll meet about once a week for those questions that need more support

    DIY WordPress Course (COMING SOON)

    I also have a course in the making for those who are truly just starting out but realize that putting together bits and pieces from all over is not going to work for them. This will have short videos where you get a true over-the-shoulder experience to see how to do the most common bits of WordPress. You’ll also get workbooks and cheatsheets where they make sense. And since I started out as a DIYer, you can trust I know the frustrations, snags, and overall needs of someone like you!

  • VIP Lite

    When you’re ready to sit down and hammer it all out at once!

    You will go through a questionnaire (not lying, it’s gonna take a minute to go through) which will let me look for potential solutions in advance.

    Then we meet on Zoom and work through the solutions you need for the top 2 to 3 problems your questionnaire gave me. Just you and me as I walk you through each and every step so you can do it again later if needed.

    You can also get one or two pages on your site some fresh copy and I will do a full security review so you are confident your site won’t fall prey to any malware.

    You will also get the Zoom recording plus a PDF with what we did and any further suggestions I have for you!

    VIP Full

    Very Similar to Option 1, however this will cover either a full site rebrand/update OR an entire new site.

    The steps are very similar, however, you will get full copy for all pages more. All you will need to do is:

    1 Fill out an in-depth questionnaire

    2 Meet with me on Zoom for an hour or so in order for us to ensure I fully understand your needs (this cuts back on revisions and time wasted for us both!)

    3 Send me any photos and graphics that MUST come from you (This branding photos of you and lifestyle ones as well)

    4 Respond to emails from me about your ongoing site build, mostly for site and copy critique so we ensure that everything is how you want it!

    Super easy and gives you time to focus on YOUR zone of genius with the confidence that your home base on the internet is going to be ready and perfectly you.

WordPress Site Management And Content Support

WordPress Site Management


  • Keeping Everything Up to date on your site is of utmost importance. However, working this into your busy schedule can be a royal pain in the ass.

    Lucky for you, there are people (like me!) who do this for a living. That gives you that time to spend in your zone of genius.

    While you take care of your business, I will be:

    1 Making sure your site is fast so Google loves it

    2 Ensuring it has the best security so no one hacks into it… ain’t nobody got no time for malware or viruses!

    3 Keeping every plugin and theme up to date

    4 Fixing any issues that come up 24/7

    Keeping your site running smoothly is a privilege for me. 

  • Everyone knows that fresh content makes Google love your site even more. And this keeps your ranking as high as possible when people search for your keywords.

    But unless you are multi-passionate or a content marketing person, that first paragraph was probably a lot of gibberish to you, amirite?

    Don’t worry, I got your back. I am confident that you know your site needs to add new content on a consistent basis to help your brand. I understand the rest and would love to help you grow that brand. 

    How, your asking? It’s pretty simple actually!

    1 You help me understand your goals and your biz

    2 I use that understanding to find the way people are likely to search for your zone of genius

    3 I write, format, and publish (after your review!) blog posts on a pre-determined schedule

    4 I can also pull out quotes for social media to help you promote those blogs

    5 I can even pull bullet points to script a podcast or video from that blog post (bonus: that podcast or video can be added into the blog for even more love from your audience and Google!)


    Struggling to get those blogs done for that amazing WordPress site? I’d be so honored to help you out!