My Story

A Small Town Girl Learning To Break The Curse

Growing up in small town Virginia USA, I watched my mother struggle to take care of my sister and I. I also watched as family memebers worked 40 years or more to build someone else's dream. Then they retired with little to nothing.

After too many years of watching this in my family, I finally decided to be the example for my nephews and godchildren. I also cope with some chronic illnesses that make working for myself the best option. So I started my WordPress business, Southern Hospitality Consulting.

Now I am in classes to learn to write the code that makes the internet go 'round. This will support the next phase of my business-- Highly custom WordPress websites. And maybe even getting lucky enough to get a "real" job that lets me work from home so I can control my eniroment.

Beyond all of this, I have a husband that puts up with me since early 2014. We have 11 furchildren and 3 godchildren. I love coffee, Dr Pepper, and anything geeky (or nerdy, I answer to both)

Please feel free to reach out via the options in the contact area. Networking, Business requests, or just a fun chat-- I love them all.


Here's a few of the things I do well.

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • LESS
  • WordPress
  • Drink All Cofee


A Few Recent Projects I Am Proud Of

Domestic Violence Calculator

My first build week challenge was to build the marketing site for a Domestic Violence Calculator that helps victims and survivors budget to get out and stay out of the abuse. It was my first time working as part of a team. I learned a lot about myself! Tech stack for me included HTML5, CSS, and LESS. The team also used JavsScript and React.

View code on GitHub

First Big Test: Sprint Challenge- User Interface

This Chellenge incorporated CSS Flexbox and other HTML5 and CSS3 Concepts. We worked from plain HTML code for both pages and had to style each page to match a design file. Click the title of this block to see the pages live.

Our First Project Styling A Web Page

This project was one of the first. We styled plain HTML to be semantic, added styles and more to create the pages to in code comment specifications. This link it to the "stretch" goal (almost like extra credit) to add CSS animations on my navigation elements. Feel freet to click through from the title to view the page on CodePen