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Hi! I'm Jenn!

I’ve been in the WordPress space for over a decade now.

When I first started on a personal site, my poor computer got cursed out, threatened with airborne voyages to the trash can, and so much more.

Back then, there were only a handful of good tutorials, even counting blog posts!

I can imagine that it’s way too many tutorials now. It’s probably hard to figure out which are actually up-to-date.

Today, WordPress is way more accessible to those who can’t code and don’t want to learn to do so.

It does have a long learning curve for some of us. This is why I decided to make WordPress sites when I started this business in early 2019. It’s something I’ve always been good at and could help others with.

Please feel free to get in touch if you think I could be helpful with your website.

Jennifer Weiner, a white woman with short, dark hair

Some Fun Facts

  • I was in my 30s when I got married (and were still together a decade later
  • We’ve had as many as 20 odd cats at a time.
  • I’m neurodivergent.
  • I ‘m a huge fan of Dr Pepper

Work With Me

Website Build

$ 500 Starts at
  • Designed with customer experience in mind
  • Up to 5 pages (Home, About, Services and Contact)
  • Get more leads on your email list by integration your email service provider (Mailerlite, ConvertKit, etc.)

Website Care

$ 30 Per Month Starts at
  • Close Security Issues by regular updates to the site
  • Keep more leads on your site with a faster load time
  • 1 hour of site updates (adding or editing Pages or Blogs)

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